We’re a passionate group working to empower a patient-led future for research and development.

We’re a team of tech enthusiasts and advocates who see that institutions lack incentives to build infrastructure for rare diseases. We believe the way to foster new treatments is to amplify the grassroots work of patient groups who fight for what patients need.

The Comend team

Comend is founded

We re-united to fix broken areas of healthcare after working in drug development and biomedical engineering.

First investment

We received investment from Character Labs to build solutions for rare families. We met Sierra in one of our early user tests.

Launched Librarey

With Sierra's help, we launched a free search platform for rare resources and attended rare disease conferences to gather feedback.

Launching 2 products

We're currently working with several patient groups to build a new scientific communicator and patient data platform.

Our values

We follow a few guiding principles.

Designed by and for the people
We strive to do everything in partnership with the community. We’re active and empathetic listeners who welcome feedback with open arms. Come build with us.
Build things that last
We move with the urgency needed to disrupt the status quo and accelerate cures but with the self-awareness to avoid breaking things. We aim to create sustainable innovations by building robust products that can last beyond us.
Lead with transparency
We operate with clear incentives that prioritize the needs of patient families. We make decisions and take actions with full transparency to demonstrate our integrity.
Great science can come from you
We’re deep believers in the power of citizen science to solve the world's hardest problems. Our model empowers families from any background to create change for their loved ones.

Meet the team

Want to chat or collaborate? We're all ears! Contact us.

  • Albert Wang

    Co-founder and CEO

    I went to school for biomedical engineering, have worked with deep tech startups and in life sciences research, and spent a past life volunteering with kids. On the weekend, I try to catch up with the happenings in genomics.

  • Flawnson Tong

    Co-founder and CTO

    Hi there! I’m the guy behind the screen building what you see here. My background is in machine learning engineering and these days I do a lot of full stack development. I love playing piano, travelling, and working out.

  • Sierra Phillips


    Hello! I'm a twin mom, rare mom, heart mom, genetics enthusiast, and relentless advocate on a mission to to curate the most comprehensive freely-available disability resource database.

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