We’re always looking for awesome people to join us

This means it doesn't matter what jobs we do or don't have listed bellow. If you want to get involved and you think you have what it takes then reach out and we'll carve out a role for you.

We're a growing startup

We're lean and agile, and we care a lot about attracting the best talent. That means doing our best to offer some perks.

Annual retreat

At least once a year we'll bring the whole team out to a location for a few days. You'll also be given the chance to take a few days to yourself and enjoy the city itself.

Birthdays off

Besides the requisite holidays of your culture/nationality, your birthday is a day for yourself on us. This comes in addition to paid time off of course.

Equity and options

We believe strongly in aligning incentives, and this is especially true amongst our own team. Every full-time employee receives equity in Comend.

Internal growth

All team members are subject to annual raises, improved benefits, and opportunities to be promoted from within. This is non-negotiable.

Signing bonus

Every filled opening comes with a little thank you and welcome to the team.

Flexible work environment

This means flexible hours, remote and hybrid work options, and generally relaxed policies around work. We trust our team members.

Our openings

  • Role
    Full Stack Founding Engineer
    Partner closely with the CTO to build product. Particular emphasis on DevOps and backend engineering.
    $100,000 - $150,000
    Remote | Toronto, CA preferred
  • Role
    Social Media and Community Coordinator
    Drive brand awareness, foster meaningful connections, and support our mission by partnering closely with our Product team.
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